DevUp platform implements a smart disruptive development methodology and best tailored IT services to transform your idea into application. It takes data model and business requirements, generates a full-stack application and delivers you a complete solution code. Composed system can be deployed as it is to a server and can be enhanced easily for future requirements. No special trainig is required for customization of composed application.

1- Purpose

Compose your application quickly from your data model & business requirmenets into a full-stack application.

Time required to compose your application:
  • 1- Data model & business requirements configuration with DevUp: 01-03 minutes
  • 2- Code Composition: 0.5-1.5 minutes
  • 3- Composed code download from DevUp server and configuration at your system: 01-03 minutes
2- Target Audience

This platform fits best for greenfield projects at their early design phase, coming from B2B IT industry and Startups. DevUp is most suitable when you want to maintain and customize your system further on your own with full code ownership.

DevUp Impact
  • Autonomous composition of business requirements into full stack application with basic features within just few seconds.
  • Since application composition is autonomous it requires remarkably less development efforts, cost and time.
  • Code has already been pre-tested and quality assured.
An Overview of efforts for Traditional Development vs DevUp Composition
No. Aspect Greenfiled Project Traditional Dev. DevUp Impact
1 Effort Required at full pace since everything needs to be built from scratch 100% 30-40%
2 Time Needs fully dedicated time 100% 20-40%
3 Cost Costly since it needs full-time resources 100% 25-35%
4 QA A complete testing cycle is required 100% 05-10%

DevUp platform shortens system development lifecycle & efforts up to 50-70%. This decline is more with less required data processing.

  • Operating System: Windows
  • Database: SQL Server v-12 or higher
  • .Net Framework: 4.8 or higher
  • Back-end: .Net Core C#
  • Front-end: Blazor
Modular Structure of DevUp Composed Code
  • Data access layer
  • Business logic layer
  • User interface
1- Buil-in Features
a- Data Access Layer
  • CRUD operations
  • Data listing
  • Data filtering
b- Business Logic
  • Data transfer objects and their mappings
  • Service interfaces and controllers
c- User Interface
  • Layout
  • Logging
  • Exception tracing
  • Data validations
2- Add-Ons
  • User accounts (DevUp SSO)
  • Role based authentication
  • Application health tracking
  • Data Security
  • Data auditing
  • Unit tests
  • Files management
3- Supported Data Types
  • BigInt
  • Bit
  • DateTime
  • Decimal(18, 0)
  • Float
  • Int
  • Money
  • String

1- Home page lists all created applications. To create a new application, click button 'Create New Application' as highlighted in image below.


Eight applications can be created in trial version.

An application supports only one business object in trial version.

2- You will be directed to a multi-tab screen. Here, you can create a new applictaion, add properties to the business object of newly created application, then compose and download code of your application. Each tab's detailed features are discussed below:

A) Application Tab : Creates new application.

1- Provide 'Application Name', 'Business Object Name', 'Front-end' and 'Back-end' as shown in image below.


2- Click 'Next' button. It will create new application and direct you to next tab.

Trial version supports Front-end with Blazor and Back-end with .Net Core C#.

B) Business Object Tab : Manage database properties of the business object of your application.

1- To add new property, provide 'Property Name', 'Data Type' and set 'Required', 'Nullable' & 'Searchable' properties as shown in image below:


2- Click 'Save' button. It will add new property to the business object

A business object supports eight properties in trial version.

To 'Edit' and 'Delete' existing properties from list, use action menu displayed at right of each property in list.

3- Click 'Next' button. It will direct you to next tab.

C) Code Composition Tab : Compose and download code of your application.

1- Click 'Generate Code' button to compose your application as shown in image below:


DevUp Platform will generate full-stack application code automatically within just few seconds.

After code has been composed successfully, you will be provided a link to download code as shown in image below:


How to configure and execute composed code at your machine? please follow next section.

1- Click 'Download generated code' link to download composed application code as shown in image below:


2- Unzip downloaded code.

3- Open project in visual studio

4- Create new database with the same name as mentioned in appsettings.json file. You can find it in "Composed UI Project >> appsettings.json >> ConnectionStrings >> DbEntities >> initial catalog" as highlighted red in image below:


You can change database name, in this case you must update database name in connection string with the same name as created in SQL server.

5- Set "data source" and "integrated security" in connection string according your SQL server's configurations.


6- Save configuration file.

To execute code successfully, make sure your database connection details are correct.

7- Build and run project.

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